Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are now scientifically recognised as beneficial for mental health and personal development.

Prior to being a psychologist Geoff was a yoga teacher. In his early twenties he went through a 12-month self-imposed period of intensive meditation and yoga practice. During this time he experienced significant spiritual and personal development which led him to study psychology.

Inspirit Psychology yoga and meditation

Geoff now researches yoga and mental health and provides people with individualised yoga and meditative practices for their wellbeing.

His type of yoga uses brief meditation, breathing and chanting exercises to shift emotions and calm the mind. His own research has found that these practices have a stronger association with wellbeing, spirituality and emotion regulation than the stretches and poses commonly emphasised in Western yoga classes.

They can also be done quickly and in any environment, making them far more practical for people with busy lives.

UPDATE: This December and January Geoff is teaching yoga and meditation on Saturday mornings. See blog post for more details.