What do practicing psychologists do?

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What do practicing psychologists do?

Psychologists analyse the way that people feel, think, socialise and act. Through a variety of treatments and strategies psychologists help lessen suffering and improve mental well being.

While individuals often think of talking therapy when they hear the term psychologist, this profession really encompasses a very wide variety of specialisations, including: clinical psychology (addressing mental health problems), spirituality and positive psychology (optimising personal strengths and wellbeing), health psychology (managing illness like obesity and cancer), organisational psychology (enhancing work place performance), educational and developmental psychology (supporting learning and child development), and human behaviour research.

Practicing psychologists possess clinical abilities and the professional training to help individuals learn to manage their mental health difficulties and life dilemmas more effectively. After years of supervised and graduate school training, they get licensed by their states and offer a wide variety of services to the public, including psychotherapy and assessments. Psychologists explore someone’s difficulties, personality, strengths and values and then implement various techniques deemed appropriate by the very best research findings. These techniques vary widely but may often include things like learning relaxation and meditation, monitoring and exploring thought processes, practicing communicating skills, developing daily exercise or activity routines, or learning problem solving and motivation enhancement skills.

Psychologists have examined the brain, memory, learning and human development, and are experts in human behaviour. Psychologists can help individuals who are having trouble controlling their emotions, behaviour and thinking; including people who have mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, mania, addictive behaviours, motivation blockages, spiritual or existential concerns, and enduring mental illness.

In order to practice as a psychologist in Australia, an individual must be registered by the Psychology Board of Australia. The Board monitors all psychologists in order to ensure they are registered and continue to develop their therapeutic skills while staying up-to-date with the latest scientific research on mental health. This ensures the community is able to access competent helping professionals of the highest standard.