Geoff is one of the few clinical psychologists in the community that conducts psychological research in addition to practicing as a psychologist. There are a range of research projects being engaged in on topics such as spirituality and mental health, yoga and mental health, and shamanic healing. Contact Geoff if you are interested in participating.

Current Research

Case studies in shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is a spiritually-based complementary therapy that endorses healing through a connection with land, community and higher-power.

Shamanic healers help clients re-establish these connections to achieve self-awareness and personal development.

There is very little research available on the use of shamanic healing in mental health care.


Expressions of interest are sought from people who are interested in receiving a shamanic healing as part of a case study. A case study is where a person receives an intervention and then has their experiences scientifically documented. These reports are entirely anonymous (i.e. your name will be changed) and becomes a way of building scientific knowledge on a subject.

Case studies in Ajna Light healing

The Ajna Light is a new brain training device that is used to help people to relax, meditate and regulate emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression; however, further scientific research is needed on its effects.


People receiving Ajna Light sessions will be invited to participate in this study by completing questionnaires before and after their session. The data from completing these questionnaires will help refine the use of the Ajna Light for healing and wellbeing. This study is currently in development and not yet recruiting participants.

Inspirit Psychology