Anja Light Therapy

Inspirit Psychology

The Anja Light is an innovative and powerful brainwave training device which uses rapid light pulses to easily and quickly move a person into deep meditative states of consciousness.

The Anja Light is excellent for people with a restless mind that can’t seem to switch off no matter how hard they try because of the Light’s ability gently but automatically move a person into meditation.

Within 5 to 10 minutes people using the light can find themselves in a relaxed state of consciousness.

The Light is beneficial for stress, anxiety and depression. It also can be used as a spiritual tool for training deep meditation. Many regular meditators also enjoy using the Anja Light for and extra boost to their practice.

The Anja Light is delivered via 30 or 60 minutes sessions. All people having Anja Light sessions are invited to participate in my research on the topic. You do not have to participate in this research to have an Anja Light session.